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Anti-fatigue Mat

GEL TEC is professional manufacturer of Anti-fatigue Mat / Rubber Floor Mat

The mat combined various functions of anti-slip, high resiliency, shock absorbing, and surely anti-fatigue.

It is highly durable for industrial or severe environments. The anti-fatigue mat offers you protection from serious impact or injuries.

The bottom and surface parts of anti-fatigue mat can be designed in different shapes for workers to stand comfortably after long periods working on it. The mat can minimize the fatigue and pain related to standing work.

Various Applicable Areas:

  1. 1.    Assembling Line and Manufacturing Work Stations
  2. 2.    Warehouse or Shipping Areas
  3. 3.    Medical and Health Care Organizations
  4. 4.    Schools and Play Grounds
  5. 5.    Air Port or Hotel Lobbies
  6. 6.    Offices or other Business Places

There are two surface options for our anti-fatigue mat:
1. Embossed Surface Type
2. No Pattern Surface Type

Moreover, in order to prevent accidents of trapping, our advanced manufacturing process can

anti-fatigue mats with 45-degree-angled cutting edge.

GEL TEC can provide high quality OEM production for custom-designed anti-fatigue mats.