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Gel Mesh CoversGel Mesh Covers

GELTEC can provide solutions to covers for different applications, such as mattress cover, car seat cover, motorcycle seat cover, or covers for other usages.
Covers are usually required by users to be easily changed, easily cleaned, and comfortable. Focusing on these functions, GELTEC recommends different materials as listed below:
Gel Mesh :
Ventilation-Good / Compression set-Excellent / Machine Washable-Yes / Cost-Higher / Available product-Gel Mesh Cover

Elastic Mesh :
Ventilation-Good / Compression set-Fair / Machine Washable-Yes / Cost-Average

Foam Tube Mesh:

Ventilation-Good / Compression set-Good / Machine Washable-Yes / Cost-Average to Higher

Air Mesh (2.5mm honeycomb type):
Ventilation-Fair / Compression set-Fair / Machine Washable-Yes / Cost-Lower

Base on your ideas of functions, appearance, production, and budget, GELTEC can create different solutions for your cover design.