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GELTEC Concept for Cushion/Mattress

In offices, homes, cars, hospitals, or on mobility products, cushions and mattresses are widely applied in people's life.

Comfortable and healthy are ultimate purposes of cushion/mattress design. GELTEC believe only by achieving SOFT, SUPPORTIVE, and NO HEAT ACCUMULATION can make comfortable and healty cushions and mattresses.
Focusing on these goals, GELTEC provided solutions through the combination of the three functional parts:


1.Surface Layer:

Surface layer is the contact interface between cushions/mattresses and users, and it is necessary to use materials that can provide comfortable feelings

Materials for surface layer should be easily dry, pressure-relieving, easy for cleaning, and having natural contact feeling.
GELTEC's recommendation listed below:

Gel Mesh :
Moisture Elimination-Good / Compression Set-Excellent / Machine Washable-Yes / Fabric interface-Yes / Cost-Higher

Elastic Mesh :

Moisture Elimination-Good / Compression Set-Fair / Machine Washable-Yes / Fabric interface-Yes / Cost-Avarage

Foam Tube Mesh :
Moisture Elimination-Good / Compression Set-Good / Machine Washable-Yes / Fabric interface-Yes / Cost-Above Avarage

Air Mesh(2.5mm honeycomb type) :
Moisture Elimination-Not Recommended / Compression Set-Fair / Machine Washable-Yes / Fabric interface-Yes / Cost-Lower

To apply surface layer in cushions/mattresses, materials introduced above can be made into COVER form, and attached to other layers.

2.Ventilation layer:

The function of ventilation layer is to support surface layer's moisture eliminating function, and be co-configured to achieve the purpose of no heat accumulation.

Materals for ventilation layer should be low-density but also with good supportivity in order to maintain space for air-flow.

GELTEC currently provides two types of Air Mesh as solution to ventilation layer:

Air Mesh (random type) :
Compression Set-Fair / Density-Higher / Cost-Average

Air Mesh (10mm honeycomb type) :
Compression Set-Good / Density-Lower / Cost-Average

3.Soft Supportive layer:

Soft supportive layer is the key part for providing pressure relieving feeling to users.

Materals for soft supportive layer should better be good in compression set and shock absorption performance, and hence to provide soft and supportive fucntions.

GELTEC provided various solutions for soft supportive layer to meet customers expectations:

Memory Foam:
Compression set-Excellent / Shock absorption-Excellent / Cost-Higher

Transparent PU Gel:
Compression set-Excellent / Shock absorption-Excellent / Cost-Higher / Available products-Gel Cushion

Composed Memory Foam:
Compression set-Good / Shock absorption-Good / Cost-Average

HR-PU Foam:
Compression set-Good / Shock absorption-Fair / Cost-Lower / Available product-Bath pillow

Differernt Combinations

The combination of layers can be various to meet cushion/mattress's purposes and performances.

Cushions/Mattresses focusing on pressure relieving performance can use materials with better compression set and shock absorption ability, such as Memory Foam or Transparent PU Gel, and choosing thicker spec of these material can enhance the supportive function. For example, ourGMC-5M Cushion is specially design for excellent pressure relieving performance, and to achieve the performance, it adopted 50mm thickness memory foam as soft supportive layer.

In high humidity environment, moisture is easily accumulated in cushions/mattresses, and mold and bacteria can fast generate in cushions/mattresses. To solve this problem, ventilation layer can become the primary material when designing cushions/mattresses. For example, ourGMC-5A Cushion is designed for high humidity environment.

Base on your ideas of functions, appearance, production, and budget, GELTEC can create different solutions for your cushion/mattress design.