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GELTEC can provide different size customized mats for different applications

Home Safety mats
Materials for home safety mats should better be anti-slippery and with low water absorption ability, for safety mats mostly placed in or near bath room, or similar wet environments.

Rubber Foam:
Anti slippery-Excellent / Water absorption-Low / Cost-Average

EVA Foam:
Anti slippery-Fair / Water absorption-Low / Cost-Lower

Latex Foam:
Anti slippery-Good / Water absorption-Low / Cost-Average / Available product- Bath Mat

Transparent PU Gel:
Anti slippery-Excellent / Water absorption-Low / Cost-Higher / Plus-crystal appearance and special shape / Available product- Massage Mat, SPA Mat

Sports and recreation mats

Materials for sports and recreation mats should be light in weight,anti-slippery, and good in shock absorbtion. These features are necessary for portibility and for preventing user from injury in drastic excercise.

EVA Foam: / Anti slippery-Fair / Shock absorption-Good / Cost-Lower

Latex Foam: / Anti slippery-Good / Shock absorption-Fair / Cost-Average / Available product- Yoga Mat

Rubber Foam: / Anti slippery-Excellent / Shock absorption-Fair / Cost-Average

Industrial floor mats

Materials for indusrial floor mats should be good in abrasion resistance, shock absorption, compression set, and weather resistance. These features are neccessary to ensure mats' duribility under severe industrial use, and safety of personnels and equipments.

Rubber Foam:

Abrasion resistance-Good / Shock absorption-Fair / Compression set-Excellent / Weather resistance-Good / Cost-Average

EVA Foam:
Abrasion resistance-Good / Shock absorption-Good / Compression set-Fair / Weather resistance-Excellent / Cost-Lower

Child mats:
Materials for children play mats should be good in shock absorption, pressure relieving and better have natural contact feeling and anti-bacteria function.

Gel Mesh:
Shock absorption-Excellent / Compression set-Excellent / Fabric interface-Yes / Anti-bacteria-Yes / Cost-Higher

Elastic Mesh:
Shock absorption-Fair / Compression set-Fair / Fabric interface-Yes / Anti-bacteria-Yes / Cost-Average

Foam Tube Mesh:
Shock absorption-Good / Compression set-Good / Fabric interface-Yes / Anti-bacteria-Yes / Cost-Above average

Pressure relieving mats
Materials for pressure relieving mats should be good in compression set and low in hardness, because pressure relieving mats are mainly for people who need to sit or lie down for a long time.

Gel Sheet :
Compression set-Excellent / Hardness-Low / Shock absorption-Excellent / Cost-Higher

Comb Gel Sheet:
Compression set-Excellent / Hardness-Low / Shock absorption-Excellent / Cost-Above average / Available product- Comb Mat

Base on your ideas of functions, appearance, production, and budget, GELTEC can create different solutions for your mats design.