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When you use BATH MAT (SAFETY MAT), you will feel safety and satisfaction. The mat can be used in everywhere you like, such as beside the tub or door entrance and so on.

Let us see how many merits BATH MAT has.

1. The mat is designed for anti-slip purpose. Good for children and elder, when taking a bath or shower. The safety suckers
underneath the mat to ensure adherence to the floor surface to prevent slipping.

2. The bath mat is abrasive-proof, anti-bacteria, mold-proof and so on.

3. Easy to clean and machine washable. No additional maintenance required.

4. Beautiful and functional.

5. We design two types of Bath mat, one is mesh type (SM-001-1), the other is sheet type (SM-001-2).

Besides of our regular bath mats, we welcome your OEM project also. For any inquiry/ comments, please feel free to contact with us any time.