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Dear sirs,

After development of "mesh type car pad", we once again base on "anti-slip function" to develop "Gel type" and "Sheet type" car pad, to satisfy customers' different preferences.

Car pad can be spread on automobile dashboard or counter/ table top to increase friction to attach the mobile phone, PDA, coins, key ring and sun glasses firmly to prevent from shaking in the car, truck or even in the boat. The magic car pad can offer us a safe and non-noisy driving condition.

Our ANTI-SLIP CAR PAD (mesh type, Gel type and sheet type) with features of washable, well adhesion and well elasticity. The small pad can even hold a mobile phone in a 45 degrees slope. With the magic car pad, you can secure the mobile phone on dashboard firmly without complex installation holders. Even when you turn corners or come to a fast stop, it keeps your phone from flying off the dashboard.

In order to offer customers more options, we supply car pad with Latex foam material in mesh and sheet type. Also, we offer transparent Gel type car pad for customers' choice. For car pad in Latex foam material, you can cut your favorable shape by scissors yourself. Besides of popular material "atex foam" for car pad, we also develop "Gel" material car pad, which makes car pad transparent & exclusive appearance. Such a new-fashioned products deserve your attention.

Actually, we specialize in soft material development. "Latex foam" and "Gel" can be used extensively. For different purpose, you can design them for different configuration for Home-care, Health-care, Safety and OEM purpose. We are looking for OEM partners. Be sure, GELTEC always welcome your comments & ready to service you anytime.

Sincerely yours,
Written by Cher Lu / Mar. 19, 2004