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Dear sirs,

The design of our COMB PILLOW is "Comb gel combined with memory foam pillow". Here below we would like to introduce our "Comb Pillow" briefly.

1. "Comb gel" covering on the top surface of the pillow, it creates functions of soft, comfortable, cool feeling, anti-febrile, well ventilation, shock absorption, pressure relief and mold-proof.

2. "Memory foam pillow" can match our sleeping posture pretty well & disperse pressure when sleeping for a long time. It will relax our neck and body to reach pressure-free feeling.

3. "Comb gel combined memory foam pillow" creates a reasonable structure for you. It not only keeps advantages of comb gel and memory foam, but also avoids heat accumulation from memory foam.

Besides of our regular comb pillow, we welcome your OEM project also. Please take a look at our comb pillow, it will satisfy you.

Comb Pillow

Comb gel combined memory foam pillow

Material: Comb gel + Memory foam
Dimension: 490x300x115/65mm
Weight: 1.74kgs
Packing: 1pc/polybag