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Elastic Mesh Mattress

Elastic mesh mattress is constructed by elastic mesh cover and memory foam. According to the unique material and structure of elastic mesh, Geltec's elastic mesh mattress provides gentle, dry, and no-heat-accumulation touching feeling after long-term lying.

Following are the features for elastic mesh.

1. Elastic mesh is made by moisture management fiber "Coolplus", which can keep the surface dry and cool.

2. Elastic mesh is made with anti-bacteria treatment, and it can effectively restrain the growth of several common bacteria.

3. Exclusive Rib structure of elastic mesh makes it supportive and pressure relieving.

4. Tunnel mesh structure of elastic mesh makes it excellent in ventilation.

For memory foam, Geltec could provide softness levels of memory foam to meet custom needs and can ensure everybody to have nice and comfortable sleeps.

Elastic Mesh Mattress

Material: Elastic Mesh Cover + Air Mesh (Honey Comb Type) + Memory Foam
 (1) 200x150x10cm
 (2) 200x90x10cm