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Air Meshes are usually low-density but high-resiliency materials that can create large air-contacting area for moisture evaporation. In cushions or mattresses, they can create space for air to go through, so they are most suitable for ventilation layer.

GELTEC currently provides three types of Air Mesh:

A. Air Mesh (Random Formed Type)
Air MeshAir Mesh

This type has higher density compares to honeycomb type. It keeps basic ventilation space by its random twisted plastic fiber.

B. Air Mesh (10mm Honeycomb Type)
Air MeshAir Mesh

This is a new structure for air mesh. It is made by ventilative fiber springs, and it is very light for mobility and storage. The ventilative fiber springs can bear up to 59kg/sqcm and still maintain a supportive thickness for air flow.

C. Air Mesh (2.5mm Honeycomb type)
Air Mesh

This type is softer than other two, and can be made to Covers or surface layer of cushions and mattresses. However, limited by its thickness, it is not as good as the other two in ventilation performance.

*All three kinds of Air Mesh above can be customized in size and shape.

Air Mesh Applications:

Air Mesh is best for ventilation layer of cushions and mattresses. However, it can be used as cover layer of cushions or mattresses as well, but due to high resiliency and lacking of pressure relieving ability, it is not as comfortable as Gel Mesh when used for cover layer of cushions or mattresses.

Mats, Vibration Dampers, Insoles, or Other Customized Applications are also possilbe applications for Air Mesh.