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PU Foam

PU Foam is resiliency-adjustable material that can be made into different soft materials or products for different applicaitons.

High Resiliency(HR) PU is soft and has features of good reboundance and compression set. Products made with HR-PU can present exquisite appearance and is good for decoration purpose.

On the other hand, through controlling the TG point, PU Foam can be transformed to Memory Foam and provide soft and spine supportive functions.

GELTEC is skillful in PU Foam processing. With well trained block foam, moulded foam, and thermal forming processes, we can easily form PU Foam into different customized shapes, and provide know-how for customers to make PU Foam production more efficient and highly-stable in quality.

1. Easily transformed through different processes
2. Can be made to meet customized density
3. Can be made to meet customized hardness level
4. Lower cost for production

PU Foam

E:excellent , G:good , F:fair , N/R:not recommended

PU Foam Applications:
With the matured forming technics, PU Foam can be made to different shapes of safety or comfortable accessories in daily life.

PU Foam can also be used in cushions and mattresses as soft supportive layer, or used in Computer Accessories

PU Foam can also be used as temperature isolater.