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When you use SPA MAT, you will feel satisfaction. The mat can be used for SPA.

Let us introduce it briefly.

1. One-piece foamed transparent PU GEL.

2. The Specific gravity is above 1, and it sinks into water. Therefore, when you take a tub, you can use it for SPA.

3. With suckers, designed for anti-slip purpose. Good for children and elder, when taking a bath or shower. The safety suckers underneath the mat to ensure adherence to the tub/ floor surface to prevent slipping.

4. Water-proof, anti-bacteria, mold-proof and so on.

5. The SPA MAT performs big and small bubbles with different hardness in one-piece mat. The touch is great and comfortable, good for SPA purpose when taking a tub/ shower.

6. Put the SPA MAT on the bottom of tub and you can massage your back when lying down in tub. Or you can massage your feet when you put it on the ground and take a shower.

7. Easy to clean it.

8. Beautiful looking and functional.

Besides of our regular SPA MAT, we welcome your OEM project also. For any inquiry/ comments, please feel free to contact with us any time.